We left Kurumun eraly in the morning (six!!!) and headed for the off-loading point at the hotazel turnoff. From there it was a ride of 130 km along a sandy but fast gravel road. In hotazel we had the opportunity to relax, refuel and get something to drink. Unfortunately the carburretor on my bike broke, so I had to load it onto the car. The second section of that day was a tour of 180 km in a dried out river bed (loads of sand and mud) along the Botswana border. Derek, our driver decided to do some border jumping just to annoy some snipers. Luckily, there were none around and he did not get shot :-)

Somewhere along the track we came across a trailer in the middel of the road. 20 kms later we saw a unimog truck heading towards us looking for the lost part. The bikes that the truck was supporting ran out of fuel because the mog was looking for the trailer so that we ended up giving lifts and fuel to three further drivers as we went along (2 bikes and a quad). The day ended at the molopo lodge where we pitched our tents. With a little help from some friendly people from Gauteng I managed to fix my bike late in the evening.

  early morning   off-loading     little stretch in hotazel  
  eric from east london   hotazel = hot as hell!     carlo refueling his bike  
  dried out river bed   derek doing border jumping   not only bikes + quads...   but also micro-lights  
  home sweet home        

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