Included in the starter fee were three nights in a holiday camp in Swakopmund. We stayed in little so called "a-frame houses". Swakopmund is somewhat like a holiday resort in Namibia. The time was usefully spent bombing up and down what have to be the highest sand dunes in the world. Madness and of course, loads of adrenalin!

On the last night there was a party for the desert runner's. We all got pretty drunk :-)

  got there!

  oops! not everyone got there in one piece...

    even land-rovers get stuck!  
      airborne     small dune


bigger dune!

    dune 2 (The bowl)    

looks easy

  but isn't     father and son  
    up, up, up   uarghhh!    
 now that's high!!         parking in sand
    eric on the back of the bakkie     and his wife!   holiday feeling
          hupfhjlee!!, hicks?
  me wanna go home!        

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