The last stage of the tour was along the famous Komas Hochland Road. 340 km of absolutely deserted beautiful countryside. Halway along the track, the scenary changes from hilly, green mountains to flat out desert -the namib desert. I had a puncture in my front wheel. After waiting an hour for Christina and Derek in the support vehicle it took me another hour to change the tire. All this with temperatures around 40 C. I think I lost about 2 kg in body fluid in those two hours. Anyway, the bike was fixed and off we went toward swakopmund the final destination.

Carlo's bike does not have number plates. We loaded the bike up and he finished the tour on the back of the bakkie riding his bike into town. The good thing about that form of transport is the possibility to drink while driving....

  off-loading outside of Windhoek   mountain pass     spook-huis (Spuk-Haus)  
  hills, hills, hills     Team "Klaus" from Germany   I need petrol!   !$%&!


out of the mountains into the desert

  made it at last     tired bikes    drinking and driving

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