Day 3 was a transition stage to Windhoek with 300 km on gravel and 300 km on tar. The Namibian police decided to give us a shock in the morning by setting up a road block. Nobody knew what they were looking for, not even themselves I think, but they waved us on after checking the driver's licence.

As we had seen enough of bikes and dust, Derek, Christina and I decided to spend the night at a b&b in Windhoek and not at the camp site just outside of windhoek where all the others stayed. Thanks to Toni and Amira who had been there a couple of nights before we found a really nice place. The next morning, we did some sight-seeing around windhoek before starting on the bikes again. Winhoek is really worth seeing, especially if you are German. The language is spoken in most places and all the streets have names like Goethe-Strasse, Bismarck-Strasse, von-Moltke-Platz,..... Very bizzare but mainly due to the former history of Namibia as Deutsch-Sued-West-Afrika.


  sunrise in the kalahari   police road block     weaver birds  
  halfway there   nice lodge to relax and have something to eat   desert equipment   desert repair  
    Windhoek church  


German Statue

  German Museeum


very protective!


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