On day 2 we followed a deep two spor sand track of 50 km with a flat dried out clay pan in the middle. There are no fotos from the sand track as we were all holding on for life while our bikes where shaking all over the place. Mind you, we really did enjoy it: after having got used to riding in thick sand we aimed purposley for the deep bits to get more fun out of it :-) In the clay pan there were poeple doing wheelies and doghnuts or kids giving quads a try. We then followed a gravel road to Rietfontein where we crossed the Namibian border. The last section was 180 km of gravel through the Kalahari Desert with Koes as the stage-goal.


We camped on the sports ground of the boarding school (Koes is only about ten houses big). In the evening we all had a laugh as there was prize giving for people that got stuck in the sand and had to be towed out; people with broken bones; german participants (!!!); couples that met on previous desert runs...... Nearly everybody got one and the prizes were all the same: one tea-spoon full of raisins in straw-rum. Yummie!

  early morning start   arriving in the clay pan  playing around    
        feels strange: 4 wheels!  
  border trafic     through the kalahari  


lots of dust

  back to school    mean machines   amira and toni who joined for the party   prize-giving for the best dressed couple
  sunset over the Kalahari        

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